Friday, February 1, 2008

Splish Splash

Wheee!! Yeah that's what Chewie was thinking when we walked out to the round pen. The sun was shining, with 30-40 mph winds, which made things wildly interesting.

I thought the round pen was dry enough. As it turns out, the low side was still pretty splishy muddy. Chewie trudged through the slop for about 40 minutes, side reins 5 & 7, walk, trot, canter. Something in the wind spooked him in his little work out. It took a bit of time to relax him, but he finally calmed down.

I joined in the work in the front yard, relaxing, working on walk with deep breathing & soft eyes. All of a sudden "Ring Ring Ring!" Startled both of us. It was Mom, calling to say "hi!" Oh boy.. okay. We talked a while, phone in one hand, reins in the other, while I focused more on staying relaxed, moving with him, breathing. Chewie got so relaxed he apparently forgot to pick up his feet, took a pretty big stumble, trying to kiss the ground. I stayed with him, apparently a product of the new work I've been doing. Nice to have it work out when I needed, but I wish it'd been a bit drier for some more real work.

Lesson Saturday at 3pm with Robin. Haven't had a lot of riding to show improvement, but such is life...

Cold enough to stick my tongue on a light post out there this morning. 27F according to my little indoor/outdoor thermometer. Chewie was less than pleased to have his blanket removed. Romeo just turned mid-breakfast & looked at me, asking, "Momma-lady... what did I do wrong that you want me to freeze my little roan hairs off?" Poor boys.

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