Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday night Ride

Chewie got his stunt double Tigger to work for him tonight. His warmup in the round pen (20 minutes or so) was focused on the side reins. He was stretching waaaaay down into them, and it looked cute.

Round pen outer lane still a bit muddy, he kept trying to go at the rail. Fine idea without me attached to him, but I kept banging my toes into the sides of the pen. To the front yard we go!

I read in the CR book to get the horse at trot, post one, stay up for two, repeat. So we tried it. Out goes Chewie, in comes Tigger. I don't think he was hollow-backed or startled... just Springie! What a bouncy little man. It was kind of strange. He definitely had a bigger trot. So I was alternating posts & "ups", sits, and a little two-point just to keep it interesting for both of us.

Total time = 45 minutes. Trying to conserve calories & energy for Saturday's lesson.

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