Friday, February 29, 2008

It's Finally Friday

Chewie had a "buck & run" night last night. I intended on a light trail walk, while waiting for the A/C repair guy to come. He instead spooked & shot forward a few times. So, I figured if he had enough energy to keep doing the wrong thing, he could find the energy to do the right thing. He lunged himself in the round pen for nearly 20 minutes, refusing to calm down or do more than gallop & kick out. Leaving him stand still would have only made it worse, so I sat on the mounting block & waited until he was done. Worked on a little trot, and plenty of downward transitions, all the way to halt. He found his calm side, and his brakes, and we called it a night. Total work, 55 minutes.

Today, at work, is a celebration afternoon. I am finally Six Sigma Green Belt Project Leader certified. It was nearly a year in the works, with what should have been an easy project and turned out not to be so simple. I received my certification email today, paperwork to follow. I knew the project was done, but seeing it in print put sprinkles on top of the icing on top of the cake. A large milestone accomplished.

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