Saturday, February 23, 2008

Day Two - Pre Work Thoughts & Musings

Hotel breakfasts are fun. There's wireless here, so while I gobble down some carbs to motivate me through the morning ride, figured it was a good chance to update. Put up the update from last night, as the connection isn't strong enough from the room. I've noticed the people watching in town is nearly as fun as the riding. There's a bike race or something going on in town today, as I noticed a few biker-pants wearing guys scurry out of the breakfast area. They looked at my full seat breeches funny, I looked at them funny. And, of course, then there's always the peeking eyes of folks reading over my shoulder. Amusing, because unless you love horses, there's not much to see. That combines up nicely with the other single-sitting folks pondering life as it is, reading up on local news.

Yeah, people watching is just about as much fun as riding horses. However, it's nearly time to muck stalls, and that's a chore I can't get out of. Here's hoping Chewie was kind enough to poop in the paddock, and keep my work to a minimum.

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