Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Owch... That Hurt!

Tacked up dressage, side reins, halter, lunge line...

Walked Chewie out to the pasture, asked him to go to the left. "NO", he answered, spinning on his hocks to go right. I lifted my hands to try & reverse him, and off he went, bucking, kicking, galloping around. I managed to hold on to the lunge line at the end loop, but not after it ripped through my hands, taking some skin with it. He did this twice, the second time intentionally going to the right, when I asked for canter from trot. Two tempered fits, and then he was great.

Worked solely on the lunge line, side reins 5 & 7, mostly at trot.

Little twit hurt my hand!

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