Monday, January 28, 2008

Back on Track

Back to work, I told Chewie, Back to work. No more standing around the pasture, well, galloping around the pasture like a goober.

Total, probably 45 minutes
Free lunge to "get the monsters out" - No issues
Walk under saddle

I tried to use Soft Eyes, and noticed right after I started riding, he was following my eyes. Okay, okay.. I know that's how it's supposed to work, but when I've tried it before it never seemed to go right. I think it was mostly because I was looking with my eyes, but not with my brain. Yesterday, I was looking with all of me, trying to look out ahead at the trees, and he'd head right towards it.

Did some leg yield, a few pivots, and splashed through a few puddles. Had an issue at one time when I was terrified to go through a muddy puddle with him... Got him scared of it, too. We've struggled since to get through puddles, and I've had him lunge through them without me with success. Last night, I pointed him towards one he'd have to go through to get to the "other side", looked way up ahead, and let him trot through the first time. After that, he would walk calmly through them, no hesitation. What a neat feeling!!!

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