Monday, January 14, 2008

Schooling Session

FanTabuLous! Good grief that's what a good ride feels like...

Solid warm up - a little attitude hissy fit on the free warm-up, but he quickly learned that wears out energy, and isn't worth the calories.

Warmup on the side reins was wonderful! I saw lots of good collection, beautiful movement. He was certainly picking up all four feet & pushing out a wonderful trot. Canter to the right was fast & a bit disorganized, but to the left he was actually starting that "up & down" with his head I've seen in dressage & never saw him do before. Transitions into canter were better - little kiss, no fuss... not incredibly uphill, but at least no taking off at 90mph leaning up & out on the bit.

Our work together was beautiful! His walk was free-moving, but also collected, something I haven't enjoyed very often. Also noticed it was a little easier to "tip my hip" forwards & back with his outside front. Work at trot was much improved from Sunday - He had impulsion! Not as many steps collected with me as he did on his own, so I'm sure I contributed some hindrance. But, I was able to sit the trot, and he didn't slow down incredibly, which ought to mean I'm improving. I was trying to do a little teenie tiny post, to see if that would improve or decrease his impulsion - it decreases it. Worked on asking for trot from seat only, as well as slowing post to slow to a walk. It's improving.

No canter work with me. Weather today is a bit rainy, so we may be out of riding conditions for a few days.

Cut on the neck is healing nicely. Feet are showing signs of needing trimmed; we're at 4 weeks Thursday, scheduled for next trim 24th.

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