Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lunge Line & Side reins

40 minutes.

Side reins on 5 out, 7 in.

How amazing. Chewie gets 4 days off, due to the rain, and he was phenominal. No temper fits on the line, in fact, I was pretty pleased to see in both directions, loose inside side rein.

Hope to repeat today with a little under saddle work at walk. too wet for the round pen, so I'll lunge him in side reins in the "natural lunge ring", and then wander up to the front yard to work on his walk. I'll try to add in leg yield, plenty of halts with breath, and maybe a little shoulder-in. I'm not good at asing for it, but he sure tries.

COLD last night.... 26F when I woke up at 515am, and 24F at 710am when I left for church. Came home to two babies lying down, blankets & all. Will add pictures from work tomorrow... too dern slow on dial up.

BTW.. No lesson "because Robin had a headcold." It was dry enough to ride, which I don't know if she believed me or not. Sandy soil dries fast... Oh well... I ride in a head cold, and certainly don't miss work for one. Unless I've been throwing up for an entire night, I'm at work... never called in sick, and don't intend on it.

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