Sunday, January 13, 2008

Schooling Session

Warmed up free in the round pen - 10 minutes

Side reins (5 on outside, 7 inside) - 15 minutes

Worked on walk-frogs, trot with reins & stirrups - 25 minutes

Chewie was incredibly slow. I believe this is from his temper tantrums Friday (refusing to be easily caught, galloping around the pasture) and Saturday (refusing to be caught a second time for yellow-spray on his neck-cut after the long bath & dry time). Needed Lots of leg to keep him in a forward trot.

Considering a Private Clinic .....

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Gardenwife said...

I remember having to chase down Buddy, the appaloosa I had when I was in high school. OH, how I hated that, especially since the pasture was *very* hilly and big. He'd let me get within five feet of him, then take off. Even rattling grain in a coffee can wouldn't woo him when he was of a mind to be a stinker!