Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Monday Night In the Wind

Pasture is still too soft, round pen is under water (therefore, no lights). So we worked briefly in the front yard.

No Lunge warm up, Lots of walk, circle in, circle out, leg yield, halt on breath, moderate amount of trot focusing on soft eyes. I found it difficult to focus on deep breathing at the trot ... It was just good to remember to breathe, no matter where it comes from.

Tried a few deep breathing exercises after dinner. It's easy to breathe from my center if I think about it... but with everything else to focus on during a ride (heels, shoulders, bend elbows, look up, soft eyes, "feel his mouth", keep forward motion, knees off the saddle, etc) how on earth am I going to focus on where my breathing comes from?!?!

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