Sunday, January 27, 2008

Saturday Relaxation

Chewie got new feet this morning. Good news - no more Equilox, just shoes. Glad to hear that, as it made his day. Both boys finally blanket-free & enjoying the warmer temperatures.

Went for a shopping adventure trip. Went to Houston, to Charlotte's Saddlery, Barnes & Nobles, and Quizno's for a late lunch. At Charlotte's, picked up new dressage leathers, saddle pad, a light green stable sheet for Chewie, and more hoof conditioner.

At Barnes & Nobles, I grabbed a copy of Centered Riding, Sally Swift. I began reading it while enjoying lunch. The first few pages are all about Swift's life & how she had to learn balance through a few different instructors (including balance to walk & perform normal activities).

The first real chapter on riding covers Four Elements. I've read up on two - Soft Eyes, and Deep Breathing. Spent some time trying out the two. The book says my deep breathing should cause my belly button to move - If I focus on that, it seems like I'm only moving the muscles & not breathing normally. If I breathe normally, I feel like I lift up... Hmmm.... Soft eyes was much easier.

Came home to a house full of critters more than happy to see me.

And it's Sunday - time for church & reflection. Also, hopefully, for the first time in a week, it should be dry enough to ride. Hoping to work on some of the CR stuff I read about yesterday.

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