Tuesday, December 8, 2009

12/07/09 I'll Settle For

A little grooming & mud scraping. Yup. I had the best laid plans when I left work.

Come hell or high water, the Good Lord willing & the creek don't rise.. I was going to either lunge or ride, but I was doing something. Somebody was getting their day sheet off, and I was going to get some horse time.

I bounded home, realized Ransom would have to wait another day, sliding just trying to walk around his pasture. I ran inside, hurried the dogs to potty, changed my boots. I was doing this. I ran to the trailer, grabbed my bareback pad, grooming things, bridle.. wait.. what's that sound??

Pit, Pat, Pit, Pat, thump, thump, trickle trickle.. Crap! That's the sound of More Rain, ruining my plans.

I stuffed the bridle & pad back in the trailer, and took my grooming things to Ransom's stall. I gave both boys some hay, and while Ransom munched, I groomed. I curried the mud off of his legs, combed his tail & weed-growing mane, and we had some bonding time. He nuzzled his head into my arms, smeared some horse-loving mud in my jacket, along with a little snot just to keep me honest.

I hope tonight meets my plans a bit better.

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Mrs Mom said...

I think your rain came here. Today and tomorrow are supposed to be soakers. Oh well... least I don't have to shovel or plow it, right? ;)

Kisses to those sweet horses of yours!