Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Weather Request

To all those Above The Mason-Dixon Line,

Can you please take back your winter weather? It seems to have taken a wrong turn, and dove waaaaaaaay too far south. Having lived here five years now, my blood has thinned sufficiently enough, I see the “S” word in my forecast, and I’d like to return it back to you where it belongs.

I don't believe this is entirely possible, but the weather people say so, and if it's really another wet and strong cold front (before the current one moves on), I suppose it could happen.

Time to scour the barn for extra layers for the boys. Low of, what, 27F Friday night? That's just N-V-T-S , NUTS!


Mrs Mom said...

Cowgirl up ya Yankee! ;)


Just think-- those who live in Tundra Country have to deal with cold for MONTHS.... You can tough out a couple of DAYS!

Jennifer said...

It frigging SNOWED at my house.


*giggle* No, honestly, it was BeauTiFul! Just not enough of it to be enjoyable.