Monday, December 21, 2009

12/19 - 12/20

I can't get a simple plane ride. I swear!

Got to JFK Parking Spot early. Got to the IAH check in early. Waited in line, got the boarding passes, bags checked, all that happy jazz. Got through security without a hitch. Can you imagine? No beeping, no problems, no frisking, patting down, nothing!

Got near the gate, we decided to stop for lunch. There's a Schlotsky's , that'll work. We ordered, and we waited
and waited
and waited.
Fifteen minutes, I walked away from the counter. R went over, and discovered, they'd lost our order ticket. Reordered, and I leaned on the counter, staring at the lady until she got the #$*&^ meal fixed. Ate quick.

Got back to the gate, sat our stuff down, R went to the restroom, and when he was walking back.. The gate attendant said, "J and R, and ___, if you don't check in now, we're giving away your seats."

What?! Good holy grief! We were at the gate FIFTEEN MINUTES before depart time. They never called us. Just a last-call "give up your seats" call! I jumped up & hollered, "We're right here! Thanks for the warning! We're coming right now!"

So, we get in the plane, get seated, flight attendant walks up, and says to us & the two sittin' in front of us, "Okay, one of the four of you needs to give up your seat for that fellow over there with the baby. If you don't, he can't stay on the plane. He can't sit over there in the single window seat with the baby because there isn't an extra oxygen mask. So who's it going to be?" I looked right at her, and said, "No ma'am. He should have planned ahead."

I have a HUGE PET PEEVE about babies on airplanes. See, babies don't usually cost extra to fly. My little Schnauzer Allie? She's $200 round trip, to stuff under the seat in front of me. That just ain't right. Screaming babies should not be free, and furthermore, if you have a baby, you need to choose your seats appropriately. The child was NOT a surprise - you had plenty of notice that kid was there. So plan ahead!

We stayed in our seats, someone else moved, and the flight went on as scheduled. Arrived in STL without a hitch. Had another little snag with the rental car (Hertz rental co picks CHRISTMAS to try out "new fandangled computer system", and had no record of our reservation. We got him a confirmation #, and he suddenly found us. Got to the lot, and again, the car wasn't exactly as planned).

But we arrived at R's sister's house without any more disasters.

Sunday was simple, filled with time with family, gift shopping, and a little R&R. No, not Romeo & Ransom.. Rest & Relaxation, I finally got the "right R&R". R treated us both to a hour massage at Massage Envy, and it was amazing. The girl that worked on me, Amanda, did a fantastic job. Very refreshing.

Everybody here is at work or school today, so I don't know what the day brings. Might take in some tourist sights, might get to ride (there are fancy schmancy barns All Over the Place here).

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