Thursday, December 3, 2009

December Begins - The Week

Won't be much riding this week, I don't suppose. It has been raining, and cold in our own little South Texas sort of way. Ransom has been wearing his turnout sheet and midweight all week, and has been playing a few games with me.

R installed some pull chain light bulbs in the stalls. We ran string from the pull chains along the top of the stalls, and down to my reach. This means every morning I can walk to the barn, pull the strings, and flip lights on in each stall. Cool, right? Ransom thinks so, too.

My darling, large, bay, genius horse, has decided how to turn the light on. Not so bad, right? Well, Monday morning, I went out to feed, his light was on. I flipped it off. Monday night when I got home from work, it was on again. Tuesday morning when I went out to feed? Back on again. Yesterday morning, I fiddled and fuddled with the string location, and got it just about to where he can't mess with it. This seems to be a good fix for now.

Of course, the humor can't end there. Yesterday, the weathermen were saying a high of 59F. That's too warm for midweight turnout, even with Ransom's clip. So I switched him to his turnout sheet. As I was taking the midwt off, he walked away, barely still attached. Where did he go? To the lighted area??? Oh no, of course not! Ransom went to the side of the barn that's in the dark.

And there, I undressed him & put his lite sheet on, by the moon light. Just like I'd done it before all the barn lights were installed. Silly Silly horse! To make matters worse, it never got above 53F at my house yesterday. So, the whole time, I never even needed to change his clothes.

I apologized to Ransom (and Romeo, who was in a similar situation of being inappropriately dressed *laugh*) right after work, as I put his mid weight back on, to which he yawned, licked, chewed, and nuzzled me.

When I left for work today, I left him and Romeo in their midweights, hoping the weatherguys are wrong again, and that 59F turns more into 53-54F. Ransom ate his breakfast slowly, putting his head over the stall wall to nuzzle & snuggle with me, I think in appreciation of me allowing him to stay warmly dressed this morning.

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