Sunday, November 29, 2009

11/28/09 Vacation Day 4 Lesson

A Lesson on the Lunge Line Hunt Seat...

My take home thought? I need to shorten my stirrups on that saddle, one hole, and leave it there. No matter what. I need to find my new point of balance with stirrups a hole up, and leave them.

I rode off the line a while, alternating between posting, sitting, and two point at the trot. I even goofed off and kicked my feet out of the stirrups to show off my new trot and canter out of the stirrups. Jen picked up the line, and attached it to Ransom. I also had her tie up the reins in the bridle, so I could concentrate completely on my balance, not worrying about his direction. That later proved to not be the best choice.

Heading right, I discovered that my back arches up in two point. It's going to take some brand new concentration, alternating between a arched back, and the correct feeling, stretching out my chest. We worked on this a while, and even moved around at canter, hands stretched out, and resting on my thighs. :)

Switched direction... Apparently my legs and mind were tired, because it felt like Ransom hit his "go at trot" button.... fast, short strides. That's not how Jen described it, but was sure how it felt. I tried posting, tried sitting, tried two point, and ended up with a death grip on the reins, even though my mind knew that wasn't going to help, at all.

After quite a while, I started to relax, and Ransom started to relax. But by then, my legs and back had other plans - to quit! :) I got a few circles of decent canter in (but not terrific), and some good two-point.

Lesson lasted about an hour. No jumping as planned... but plenty accomplished on the lunge line , which was work that needed doing eventually.

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