Friday, November 20, 2009

11/19/09 Matt Redman, Casting Crowns

Absolutely blessed!

We arrived about 6:30pm, in the POURING RAIN. Meet & Greet was supposed to be from 6-7, but nobody was standing anywhere near the front, except for under the tents. Well, correction - there were a few rain-slicker diehard fans sitting in their chairs. R & I dove under the roof of the smaller stage.

About 7:15, they said, "Show's on, in just a few." At 7:25, or so, they got started up. Matt Redman was first. As he sang, I remembered where I knew that voice from.

I attended a Southern Baptist college convention in Eastern PA during my years at Geneva. We got to learn a lot of the new music from the first Passion conference, just a week after. Our music leaders for our event had snagged the music, and learned it all. The Sunday (last day), this fellow stood up at the morning music session, played "It's All About You", other students were clapping & hollering, all excited for whoever that guy was. He led the one song, and sat straight back down, participating in the event. It was Matt Redman! Holy wow! So his set of the show was a "walk down memory lane", back to college... when life was simple... and I could praise without any stress or worry.... wow.

Casting Crowns took the stage.... all six of 'em. What a sound! Incredible performance! Mark Hall (lead vocal) shared a lot of himself on that stage, telling us he's ADHD/dyslexic , and he usually sings to a teleprompter to help him remember his words under the stress of performing. Due to the heavy rains, however, they didn't plug the prompter in. When he admitted a little fear he'd forget his lines, I started watching his lips, listening to every word, muttering a prayer of thanks with each remembered word.

After they played, Meet&Greet was on! And, somehow, I don't know how, but somehow, R & I were near the front of the line. CD's in hand, they each introduced themselves, shook hands, took pictures, and signed my CD lyrics sheet. There's verses in there too, I hope to get to look up & enjoy seeing what they like most. A really neat moment - a bit more personal than the M&G earlier this year with ThirdDay.

An absolute incredible time of worship... And best, God held off the heavy rains for the duration of their show. It quit raining as Matt Redman was finishing up, and didn't start back up heavy again until our journey home.

I tease him for the camera that is almost always out & running during the concert, but I hope if I smile just right, R will share with us some pictures of the event.


Mrs Mom said...

Glad you had such a great time out there!! Cherished memories made for sure ;)

Jennifer said...

I have been informed we'll get pictures. YAY!
It was a blessedly fun event, for sure...