Monday, November 2, 2009

10/31/09 Ransom Working Hard

I gathered up Ransom, cleaned, brushed, combed, and treated, and offs we went.

We worked for a solid hour, with an extra ten on the lunge/ side reins. He did fabulously.

Again, one really horrendously ugly canter-left pick up. It was nastyugly. I very quickly growled "NO grr" at him, and slowed him to a halt. Rather than go right back to canter, I forced him into a HUGE posting trot, sat a few strides, walked a couple, went back to trot, and *then* asked him to canter. YahOoo YIpee.. Much better big monster!

We rode all over the arena, but kept our canter to the front 2/3, mostly in the center circle. I asked for up and down transitions in the most inconvenient spots for him, in the circles, but nowhere that I normally ask. Did it on purpose, to end the antici-pation. He got smart quick, and kept one ear on me the rest of the ride.

My legs were jello rubber when I got done. He got a light hose off, and a little grazing in the yard under his cooler briefly. When he was back to toasty warm again, I took all that off, brushed him, and sent him back to his pasture.

Seems like a lot of lather/rinse/repeat lately with Ransom and me. Might be high time to shake it up, and try something new... I might pick up a fence or two.. Maybe tonight I'll ride him hunter, and find my long & low heels again.. That sounds fun!

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