Tuesday, November 24, 2009

11/24/09 Ransom on the Line

His first day back on the job, Ransom enjoyed a solid lunging for about 40 minutes. Focused mostly on giving to the bit.

I upped the ante just a tad, and lunged off of my knotted rope halter. In his normal work on the bit & side reins, Ransom did rather well. In the cool-down, I took the side reins off, and worked only on down transitions.

He did NOT want to go from walk to halt without fuss. I said "whoa", stepped in front of his general motion, and then gave the knotted halter a huge TUG. A good dozen of those each way, and I finally got a halt with just "whoa".

Mission accomplished. And the beginning of a 5 Day Vacation!

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