Friday, November 13, 2009

11/13/09 Friday Nite Concert

Airing a little frustration here, folks. So you've been warned.

Check the Victoria show, and the comments I've made. I hope they post 'em. I was polite as best I could be.

R and I went to a local church Friday night to see Johnny Diaz, Tenth Avenue North, and MercyMe in concert. All three performed well, Johnny Diaz was beyond funny for the only three songs he did. Tenth Avenue North did great as well.

But as MercyMe entered the sanctuary of Faith Family, and started their speech for Compassion International, asking for donations and child sponsorship, their apparel caught my eye, and it bugged the snot out of me the entire rest of the evening.

The lead singer and one of the guitar players I guess just couldn't help themselves. They both wore hats, and left them on, even when they were leading prayer. How could this be?! Didn't their parents raise them to have more respect?! That building might not be anywhere special to them, and it's not my home church, either. But it is God's house, and it seemed incredibly disrespectful that they had their hats on. I saw many in the crowd the same way, but gave that up to inexperienced folks that "didn't know any better."

But the band?! Seriously!? They weren't raised better than that? So I went to the blog for the event, and voiced my displeasure. I'll be sure to let ya'll know if anything comes of it. Might even have a picture or two depending how R's camera worked out, and if he'll share with me.

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