Wednesday, November 25, 2009

11/25/09 Vacation Day 1 - Ransom

Later in the afternoon, I grabbed Ransom for a workout as well. I grabbed my dressage saddle, and put the monster to work. Brief lunge on side reins for a warm up, and we were at it.

I rode in the front two thirds at the canter, but used the entire arena for walk & trot. Back third was still a little too wet for my confidence at the canter. I didn't concentrate on test pieces, but in all of the walk, I'd allow him to stretch down, get five or so strides of it looking good, and then quickly take the reins back to a working collected walk again. In and out of trot until the transitions looked good, same for canter.

He was very good for the ride, so I finished off with some walk to canter. :) Absolutely so stinking fun! He takes about three steps at the walk, maybe one of trot, and right into canter. His head flies up, and they are by no means pretty transitions, but it's happening. That's the first step.

Rode for about 45 minutes. Lost track of time in the fun. R was over, chewing the weeds along the electric fenceline. My poor push mower again has given up the ghost of usefulness. He put a new blade on it, mowed a few sections of fence, and suddenly, it started spewing black smoke & died, again. Second time this year that poor critter mower isn't functioning. R worked ambitiously until dark, and put about 2.5 hours in weed eating fence line. Got nearly all of it done, which I found frustrating. Weed eating the fence myself last summer took nearly two days.... boys... grrrrr...

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