Wednesday, November 11, 2009

11/11/09 Brief Lunging

It took a serious amount of control, but I didn't ride. Gosh I wanted to. Ransom got a lunge on side reins in the arena, to keep his muscles loose for my Thursday morning dark-thirty ride. I knew if I rode we'd go too long, and the next morning lesson would be tight & difficult.

So he got a solid lunge for about 40 minutes, walk, trot, canter, with a bunch of transitions. He didn't lean on the reins, but kept 'em loose.

No big surprises in the lunge, except for a handful of deer chased by the neighbor's dogs. I am going to have a battle with those dogs, eventually. Might be via unloading my shotgun in their general vicinity, might be a paintball gun, might be something.. But they're either going to quit chasing the deer, or quit showing up in my yard,,, something.

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