Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Show's On! 11/15 TL#2

We rode around at the free walk, watched other riders warming up, and two before me, Jen got us back to work, trotting figure 8s and serpentines. I had his attention, and I was just thinking, "Now's about time to canter a little", when Jen & R hollered, "Right before you scratched. It's your turn. Get in there!"

Yipes! So much for that! I'm not ready. Too late now! Let's get this show on the road.

In my courtesy circles waiting on the judge, she rang the bell quick. I told Jen, "I've got a full minute. I'm going to get his attention first." I trotted on the right diagonal, knowing that was our first turn off centerline. A few wiggles of the reins, his tucked his nose, and off we went.

1. Enter working trot, halt at X, salute, proceed working trot
Alrighty. I'm not ready. Too late to worry about it now. Hey! Judge ain't looking, AGAIN! Good grief. Ransom, halt all-the-way before I'll salute. All four hooves. Now! Okay, let's get outta dodge..
5 = halt on 3 tracks. careful not to pull rein; head twisted

2. Track right, circle 20m
I won't miss the turn this time. Looking right, Looking right. Good deal, Ransom, that was nice. Glance a grin at the judge, yup, that'll do for now. Dive on into the circle, and offs we go. Make that circle a circle. HEY! Look! A lady with a huge fancy camera. Alright, ain't no sense in being serious for that, too. Smile at the camera!
6 = needs ground covering stride

3. Change rein working trot KXM
Down the diagonal. Hi R sweetie! Neat! Let's smile at him, too. Oh heck, why be so darn serious?! I don't feel prepared, I wasn't warmed up, I know this test, Ransom knows the test. Let's just chill & enjoy the ride...
7 = fairly straight - needs more ground covering stride

4. Working canter left lead between C & H
In the corner, sit deep, squeeze. Wheee! That was solid and FUN!
6 = bit braced

5. E Circle Left 20m
Up into the circle, smiling, smiling, we're enjoying this! Lady with the camera taking more pictures, cool! Hi Jen! Hi Judge-Lady! Hi R! *heavy sigh of relief & peace* .. And just as I did, Ransom did the same, in a big slobbery sigh. I laughed flat out loud!
6 = circle to be rounder

6. Between E and K working trot
Settle into the reins, squeeze knees, tug on the reins. Gosh I need to quit having to tug so darn much. Something to work on at home, I think it's tension in my seat, I think I think.
6 = needs prep & bal

7. A medium walk
Settle in AT THE LETTER. Whee... this is darn fun. All of a sudden, I couldn't give a flip less. I am just enjoying the ride.
7 = smooth

8. FXM Long free walk down the diagonal
Spread my hands out, relax, glance & grin at the judge *cheese!*. The scribe is smiling! Awesome! I wonder if all the rides feel this good when I force myself to chill out! His head's dropping down, he's tugging a little on the reins. Oh well, at least he's stretching down & out. Get ready to pick the reins back up into the working walk. Back to Business, Ransom!
6 = shows some stretch. ask for more

9. M-C Medium Walk
Wiggle Wiggle fingers, creep up the reins. Hurry up! We're almost at "C". Eek! Yeah, that'll do for now. I'll gather more on the circle at trot, I s'pose.
6 = needs more march

10. C Working Trot
Squeeze easy, Judge lady is staring at me. I feel her judge-lady eyes peering straight through me. Wow, so this is why dressage is so pressure-driven. Guess I hadn't realized she really is staring at me. (Again, in the corner from C, was laughing at myself.)
7 = prompt

11. Circle Left 20m
Look at the big camera lady, smile at R again, Hey! Jen's even looking! Hi Jen! Smile at Miss Jen! OH Yeah... Make the circle round, Ransom. Outside leg, inside rein. Hey neat, I think he's bending his entire body around my leg. Cool!
6 = circle to be rounder

12. Change Rein working trot, down the diaganol
Diagonal, diagonal. How I wish you were straight. But no, Ransom decided this was the time to weeble-wobble. Oh well. Popped his cute little head in the transition of diagonals, too. darn it. Well, at least he's moving out. That's a for-sure, we ARE going somewhere.
6 = needs more ground covering stride

13. Between C and M working canter right lead
Last big transition, near corner, look down the long side, deep corner. Sigh, tuck the toosh, squeeze, Yeah! Lead's right, now keep him easy with tight toosh until the circle. Look around the circle...
6 = depart OK then braces

14. B circle right 20m
Canter the circle, Wheee! *thphpht* Ransom, I get it. You've got snot & slobber. Smile at the camera lady again! "Cheese!" Smile at R, video camera's still on. Wiggle the reins to keep him off my fingers, there we go. Circle's done.
6 = circle to be rounder

15. Between "B" and "F" working trot
Back to the trot, settle in the seat, tug tug TUG. Well, that transition was pretty easy. I can just guess how wore out Ransom is. I know I'm Pooped! Let's smile up centerline & call it done.
5 = comes off track

16. Down "A" centerline, halt, salute.
Okay, we're done! That was a freaking blast! I'm going to have to laugh more often in my tests. Heck, Judge Lady is kind of grinning at me. I wonder if she knows how absolutely UNserious this whole ride just was?! Good job Ransom, let's go hose off & go home!
6 = careful not to pull rein. horse loses bal; n/g straight (?)

Rider comments
Gaits = 6
Impulsion = 6
Submission = 6
Rider = 6
Attractive pair! Horse needs better relaxation in back & stretch over topline

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