Wednesday, November 25, 2009

11/25/09 Vacation Day 1 - Romeo

I got enough of a late start to the morning, that Romeo got picked first.

Rather than let him goof off on another walk to the mailbox, I saddled him up, and headed to the arena. Just as soon as I took the halter off, and checked the girth so the saddle wouldn't fall off, he became this morphed creature resembling a bucking bronc.

And he took off! Bucking, farting, twisting mid-air, rearing up, running around the arena like a toddler! Funniest thing! I asked him, "Romeo, you sure you're the same critter I rode bareback at a trot down to the mailbox on Monday?! Whatta nut!" He ran faster, and sillier. Complete goofball.

After about ten minutes of this nonsense, I told him, "Whoa", and he finally walked up to me. See, the first dozen of those "whoa" requests, he ran by me, still tossing his tantrum. I caught him, put his bit on, tightened the girth, and hopped on. Instantly, he went right back to his mild mannered self, licking & chewing, and settled into a relaxed walk around the arena.

Rode for about 30 minutes. A decent amount of trot & canter, with some side passing, leg yields at trot, turns on fore and rear, and a little backing up & pivoting. Went mostly well. I know he's entirely out of shape, so I didn't spend many calories making him collect up.

Gonna have to work out some sort of a lighted round pen exercise for my little roan pony. Despite barely feeding the stinker, Romeo's a bit, um, chubby. :)

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