Friday, November 6, 2009

For Caspers Advantage

Miss Jen, you have FUN at the show Saturday!! Go have a great time playing with your super pony, and have fun!

For Casper, in antici---pation of a great day..


Yankecwgrl said...

Awwwwe thanks!

Slight change of plans.... I'm not going to show.
Mary is going to show him in the walk/trot class.....
Robert has Habitat For Humanity for school and Cas needs his feet, we are BOTH going to go up at noon as opposed to taking 2 vehicles....
Sights set on KATY show on 28th for our first show! :) Cross ur fingers! :)
I give Cas treats from his Auntie Jen

Mrs Mom said...

Gasp-- Oh dear I had to spin the puter monitor away right quick--- Sonny horse LOOOOVES those particular treats and had he seen what I saw, well... I'm betting no more puter screen! LOL

Fingers crossed for you Jen for the next show then!!