Monday, November 2, 2009

11/1/09 Romeo the Dressage Pony

I know by now he wasn't real happy to see me, but the weather was way to awesome to not ride, and Ransom deserved a day off. So I grabbed Romeo, and suited him up in my dressage saddle. No extra padding, he's wide enough. With just a light square pad, the saddle is just a hint narrow, but really fit good enough.

Rode him English bit, walk, trot, canter. He had an awful time picking up canter-right, but kept the gait steady & controlled. I actually got to canter low end circle and center circle, transitioning down to trot just with a heavy breath. How cool!!

Rode him at these harder gaits for about 30 minutes. I'm sure he'll be happy with the break. I focused on him getting up & moving, while trying to see if I could sit & push him at the trot (can do), and restrict his running-off at the canter (can do). Need to try to translate these body positions now to Ransom.

Romeo will appreciate the next few days off, I'm sure.


Yankecwgrl said...

Cool! Romeo Dressage! :)

Jennifer said...

He didn't think so.... fought the bit a lot.