Thursday, November 12, 2009

11/12/09 MailCall!

Unrelated to Ransom's training me, and his development... But incredibly related to my ever-growing confidence...

Romeo and I rode bareback to the mailbox in the evening. I knew R was coming over to fix some trailer lights, check my brakes, and generally just hang out a while... So I had his arrival in the back of my mind... "If I do go splat, he'll be here sooner rather than later to claim me and retrieve my red pony."

It was fun! Nothing beyond a walk, but we contended with a little traffic, neighbor's mini horse whinnying at us, and I had to dismount at the mailbox due to traffic and the box being too low to reach. I moved Romeo to a small ditch and got a running start to hop back on him. If he were too much taller, that wouldn't be do-able.

A nice stress reliever after a long work day.

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