Monday, November 2, 2009

10/30/09 Ransom

Gathered up my big monster buddy, and off we went. I had hoped to find the arena far side dry, but it was still slippery. No sense in forcing my sweet pony to carry me and slide around back there, we stuck to the front 2/3.

I worked him in a warmup on side reins & lunge line, and got him good & paying attention, loosened up. We got undersaddle, and got right down to business.

Transition Transition Transition. He had some UGLY canter-left departures, much like at the show. Just horridly ugly. I didn't leave him in it, however, but instead forced him to stop & pick it up again. He got angry enough he tucked his head & picked it up correctly. About time, I muttered under my breath.

Anxious to get his trot work out of the little short strides & adjust him UP to a good working trot, I started pushing with my legs, lengthening my post, and he was still irregular. So I settled into a sitting trot, and admittedly it wasn't beautiful, but I sat deep. When I tucked my pelvis underneath me, he certainly picked it up. He didn't hold the forward trot with good collection for a very long time, but it was much prettier. I then did a bunch of sitting to posting transitions, and settled for done & good when I had some strides in there that stayed big & didn't change when I changed.

I didn't fight too much for perfect trot to halt. He had these great at the show, and I know if I concentrate on them again later, they'll clean up real nice. He didn't toss his head up during this ride, but didn't come to a halt real quick, either. One fixit a day, perhaps.

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