Saturday, November 14, 2009

11/14/09 Last Chance

Gathered up the Ransom-monster, and headed to the arena. He didn't get a chance to run free, but instead lunged on the line and in side reins. Quickly settled into a nice forward rhythm. I hopped on, not wanting to miss a moment of his energy, and wanting to "leave some in the tank" for Sunday's show.

R arrived as I was beginning our ride. I had thought he was coming over to measure a few things for some arena improvements, along with a few other outdoor tasks, so I was happily surprised to see him sit down on the mounting steps to watch. This gives me just a bit more courage... I mean, really, if I'm going to take a nosedive, why not do it in company?!

I rode Ransom through all the test pieces, got reminded "thumbs up", and "sit on the whole saddle." Laughing, I figured, "I wonder how much muscle he really does have in his back end these days."

I settled Ransom down into a walk. I leaned back a little, tucked my toosh, and squeezed, outside leg back. He hopped RIGHT into canter on the circle, and in the correct lead. I squealed in glee! YAY! He IS building his muscles, or that wouldn't be possible, or pretty. We rode this transition twice heading right, then twice heading left. One of the four had a few steps of trot, but otherwise, they were really neat! That was a cool feeling - walk, right into canter. Was it perfect and framed? Heck no! But was it solid transition? Yup! I felt him tuck his rear end & push off into the canter each time. Very Very cool indeed!!

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