Thursday, December 17, 2009

12/15/09 It's A Deer!!!

Ransom in his hunt saddle, and me bundled up in a heavy coat, pink beanie hat & full chaps... Off we went to the arena.

I peered at the crossrail set up in the arena. I stared at it. I chickened out.

With the new shorter stirrup length, I'm finding the overall ride a bit easier. It's also getting a little easier to feel sunk down in my heels, especially at the canter. Working on moving with him, and not feeling so bouncy in the tack.

About 6 deer popped up into the pasture just outside the arena. I think they saw Ransom, and knew he was working. I also don't think they saw me. I ended up making a boogerload of noises, hollering at them, near them, around them. Finally, they scampered back off into the woods, two of 'em still standing in the pasture edge munching.

Now, did Ransom go bonkers-goofy-spooked? Nope, not one bit. He looked hard at them once, realized what they were, and went about his merry working ways. We played together for about 35 minutes. The sharp north wind, combined with some drizzly sprinkles cut our action short.

Still, much fun. A whole heckuva lot better than sittin' inside watching the weather channel. Even in the winter here, it's not super-cold, and with the right gear, is tolerable to ride outside.


Heidi said...

I loved winter riding. Its much colder here, but the snow is so enjoyeable... Merry Christmas to you early!

Jennifer said...

Hi MilkMan'sWife. :)

Merry Christmas to you, too ma'am.