Thursday, December 31, 2009

Golly Geez Where'd the Year Go?

It's nearly 2010!

Let me briefly re-cap my days to help me remember the details later.
Dec 20 - Sunday, shopping shopping, (massage), more shopping
Dec 21 - The St. Louis Gateway Arch
Dec 22 - Lesson over 2'3" fences, soccer game, R family gift exchange

Dec 23 - Travel to Pittsburgh

Dec 24 - The Strip District (sounds bad, don't it?), Christmas Eve in Beaver
Dec 25 - Christmas in PA - Ice Ice Baby
Dec 26 - Gift shipping & Hockey , Bucket List Bucket List

Dec 27 - Back to Texas

Dec 28 - Ransom over X's (If I can jump a stranger's horse over 2'3", I can hop X's on my own, yeah?)
Dec 29 - Recovering my life
Dec 30 - Waco for da day

And here we are. Dec 31. I'm back at work, and life is almost back to normal. All of it in its place, right where I left it.

I'm staying home tonight for Amateur Night. How about the rest of you? I've missed our lively discussions, and look forward to another entire year blogging my equestrian adventures. I'm going to spend the next few days contemplating setting some show goals for the year.

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