Monday, January 4, 2010

1/1/2010 Bringing in the New Year

Gathered up Ransom, and we worked through our dressage paces. It was muddly, wet, and puddly in the pasture, making a slimy mess. He was cheerful enough to be working, though as we passed the crossrail a few times, he was less than pleased I left it off his plans. Between his warm up and our ride, time lasted about 35 minutes.

Then it was Romeo's turn. My little pony ain't so little - the grain & hay, and time off has left him, um, pudgy? Let's be honest... shhhh... he's fat! I stuck him at the end of the lunge line for a little while, about 25 minutes, walk & trot. It's funny to see his ripples wigglin' at the trot, but we'll get it off. I told him he's got two choices. 1) stop eating grain completely, or, 2) lose weight working.

So we're back on track, each horse doin' his thing. The weather isn't cooperating 100%, but as long as I don't get too frustrated, maybe it'll dry faster. :) Yeah, that's it!


Yankecwgrl said...

Maybe when I come over and you ride Ransom I need to hop on the little guy huh?

Jennifer said...

MoMo is available for the goofin' off... LOL.

What's cute, is even though he's back to work, you'd think he'd be grumpy & disobedient. Nope, he's the same as always - steady & reliable. The rollbacks yesterday had me splitting a giggle or three.