Monday, January 18, 2010

1/18/10 Update

When the cold finally broke, I think I squeezed in one lunge on side reins, and one dressage ride on Ransom. He was pretty good, but the lunge-day was plagued by some snappy winds & goofy air pressure changes. He worked through it, but not without a pile of coaxing, soothing voices, and "hey good boy" any time he'd go underneath the hi-power lines & not booger-spook.

The dressage ride, as best I can remember it, we had some electric co-op employees working in the neighbor's pasture, watching us half-interested. I took advantage of the opportunity, and rode all of my 20m circles in the center, and worked some rising vs sitting trot switches. I even got a couple of diagonal passes of extended trot, but not without much effort.

Then, the rains came. Puddles, Mud, Rivers for a lawn, the roadways covered in all the low spots on the way to my house, and more puddles. I had to splosh through the water just to get back to feed the boys a few days this weekend.

Saturday found Jen and I scouring my closet, searching for HorseMaster appropriate clothes. Long sleeves, no red, no white. Um, geez, boss. With a little shopping, I now have a few short sleeve blue tops I'm fond of, a pink, purple, green, and black long sleeve tops. Hopefully that handles the people shopping. Oh, and she assisted me through Target looking for *gasp* makeup. Aw, geez, I'm gonna have to dress & do-up like a girl & stuffs. Yuck... =) We finished up our day giving Ransom a quick scrubby bath & spraying him down with LaserSheen. Daylight ran out as he was drying...

Saturday night was a dinner fun of R, me, Jen and her DH. We cooked, and laughed together. A fun time had by all, including R's dog Abby and my two. All the girls got along well, and only one Canine Uh Oh. Bad girl, MacKenzie! grrrrr...

But Sunday brought absolutely beautiful weather. After church R and I had lunch, ran to BestBuy for some Christmas giftcard usage, and I scrambled home. I gathered all my things, got the music tunes going, and grabbed Ransom.

And he's now body-clipped, again. There's a hair-covered front lawn by my porch, and when the lines grow out a bit, Ransom will look awesome. He behaved good. Better in some parts, worse in others. It seemed to go a little faster than the last time. The LaserSheen coat clipped easy, but he had a few wiggly spots and tickly spots. His face went MUCH easier than the last clip job, thank goodness. I only had to bicker with his ears... Nothing we humans couldn't handle.

So, there's the weekend. No rides to talk about. I'm hoping tonight I have at least 1/3 of a dry arena.. Maybe 2/3. I know realistically the back 1/3 will still be under water, and that's okay. It's supposed to stay pretty dry for at least a week.

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