Monday, January 11, 2010

1/8/10 Waking up & Stretching Out

I got up good & early, and when I got outside to the boys, it was 18F. Cold! Yeah Yeah, all you Northern folks call that a heat wave. I call that South Texas Ridiculous Cold! BRR!

Chewie was okay, just hungry
Romeo was doing good, chillin' under his heat lamp
Ransom was toasty roasty in his three mighty layers, but P'Od Momma locked him up.

And I had running water! Well, inside I did. We didn't remove or drain a hose, and we forgot to cover the only unhosed spigot outside. So there was only water at the faucet under the well covers. Bring on the bucket carrying.

Before long, R and I had all the boys settled with warm water, breakfast, and hay. R had to make a visit trip to Houston, so I settled into my weekend laundry & housework. With those chores completed, and a little sewing done, I ventured outside.

Undressed everybody. Put my boys in their lite sheets, and got down to it. I grabbed Ransom, cleaned his feets, took all off but his sleezy cover, and walked him to the round pen. He did a little walk, trot, canter, and had some easy down transitions. They weren't pretty, but I didn't have to argue with him either.

I couldn't help myself. I tied the lead rope on his halter like reins, and hopped on. I rode for about ten minutes, mostly walking. Chewie stood off to the side, watching observantly.

After a half hour's work, I switched ponies. Romeo and I did much of the same, less lunging, more riding. Also worked on Mo's neck reining, and stops. He did great like always.

So even in the cold, I gots my riding fix. That night, I decided to get the water warming, the blanket switching, and the grain feedings all done before dark. And I accomplished it. After much praying & worrying, R arrived back in town at his house sometime late after 9pm.

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