Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1/20/2010 The Scott Heard Round the World

Hooray for Massachusetts!

Whatta turnout! Whatta vote!

And best of all, whatta way to shove it down the Democrats' throats. We wanted CHANGE, sure, But not that BS they're selling! Down with ObamaCare and all the other Crap he's stunting. You guys think it was a neat vote yesterday?! Just wait until the vote in November! Bring it On!


Mrs Mom said...

HA~ TAKE THAT LIBS! Shove your Health Care down my throat in '09, we'll shove it up your A$$ in '10!

Jennifer said...

I know it!

pretty cool stuff!

Even in Liberal Massachusetts, they're all realizing the mistake that was made a year ago.

May God continue to project us until we can vote a little smarter.

Stephanie said...

Woot Woot!! that was a great victory for the people of the US. Now we just need to keep it going.

Jennifer said...

Wait a min..

Stephanie! You're from way up there in the Nawth, ain't ya? :)