Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1/4/2010 Romeo

After a plan to lunge Ransom, I changed my mind - I needed some saddle to hiney time, and I didn't really want to work him that hard.

So I grabbed Romeo, fitted him up Western & french link bit, and offs we go to the arena. He warmed up real good free lunge, with a little goofing off. I figured "if he's still got that kind of energy getting back to work, let's put it to use."

We rode a solid 35 minutes, with a few after that in a cool down walk. I rode walk, trot, canter, only requiring him to accept light bit contact at first. Just before the cool down, I forced some collected walk & trot. Oh! Little Man not so happy with that decision! He fussed & farted, tossed his head, and chewed on the bit like it was a peppermint candy.

On the upside, there was no spooking, no panicked fit, no taking off with me at the canter. He is back to riding faster canter right and real slow canter left. This will improve with more muscle development. Silly one-sided monster.

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