Monday, January 25, 2010

1/24/10 Morning - Gotta Start Somewhere, Pt III

What I hope to be as the second to last, or in fact, the last of the Gotta Start Somewhere series...

After church, I got on home, got changed, and headed out to ransom. I got him saddled up hunt, with some extra time primping & pampering. I had the time, and was in the snugglin' mood. He was quite agreeable to this idea, as well.

Once we were both ready to go, I let him goof off about the arena for a few minutes. He was slow and easy, so I didn't waste much time. Put the bridle on (full cheek slow twist), and hopped on. Rode the flat stuff a bit, did a little dog&frog stretches at the walk to stretch out stiff legs. It felt easier to sink down to my heels after that.

I was able to trot & canter over those poles in my dressage saddle, long legs, but could I accomplish the same in the hunt saddle? Well I sure don't plan on jumping in the dressage saddle next week, so off we go!

The wind was howling, so I didn't set up the full circle of poles. This meant I only had two I coudl easily get to - about at center long side, a few feet from the rail. Picked up trot and tried to simulate a trot over in two point. That went alright, but he seemed to be leaning. Yup! It was me! I opened up my chest & shoulders, and he picked his front end up as well.

Transitioned to canter, and cantered a while without the poles to get my two point settled & going. Cantered over the poles each way a few times, and Ransom deliberately pretended to "jump", reaching just a little with his stride. Good Boy! Nice way for me to learn! I appreciate that!!

We rode together for about 40 minutes. His cool down walk & trot were on a long rein, and he was stretching out really nice. Really nice...

Countdown to HorseMaster, 7 days.

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