Monday, January 25, 2010

1/24/10 Evening - How Many Legs?

I was raised - Thou Shalt NOT bake or sew on Sundays. It's not a matter of option, you just shouldn't do it. The reasoning? Many many dozens of screwed up sewing projects and burnt goods and tore up ovens. The act of cooking a meal, cleaning a house, washing laundry, working in the garden? All acceptable. But for some genetically created family reasoning I doubted, do not bake or sew on Sundays.

On numerous occasions I've decided I could outsmart, outwit, or at least overcome this Shalt Not. Last night was one of those occasions. And I was proven sadly wrong, again.

The fabric & batting to make some leg pillows for Ransom was purchased, hmm, a week or three ago. All that was preventing this completion, was my motivation. Last night I decided to face the demons, and at least get the fabric cut.

I spread the fabric, folded in half, across the kitchen table. I measured three times, cut once.

I cut two squares, 15x17, and 17x17. Sew half inch seams, that makes 'em a good enough size for Ransom's legs.

The cuts made four squares of fabric. Now, how many legs does a horse have? Four squares, you say, that's good. BUT! Four squares mean sew together in pairs, mean, OOPS! I've only got enough fabric for two pillow wraps.

I mustered up the gumption to sew the two wraps together, stuff 'em with batting, and sew the batting to the fabric. Are they pretty? Nope! Jammed fabric, seams, and messy edges, and thread that broke four times mid-stitches, they're done. Well, half way done.

So the family misfortune Thou Shalt not sew on Sundays still applies in partiality. I'm sending R along shopping for more fabric, and this time I was a bit more clear on exactly what was required.

How many legs does a horse have? Oh shoot! It's FOUR!


Mrs Mom said...

LOL I hear ya girl! I doubt I could sew a stitch. Wanna bet my hands would be sewn to whatever I was trying to create? ;)

Jennifer said...

LOL.. Don't bake then!

I swear.. R and I debated this Friday AND Saturday. He insisted the hoax wouldn't rub off into his house..

We're still laughing about it. Four legs! Not Two!