Monday, January 4, 2010

1/3/2010 Doing What I Do

Enjoyed a nice early church service duet with R. Special thanks go out to our sound fellow N for showing up on the board at the last minute to help us out!! YahOoo!! It sounded great. We did our best, and got some raving reviews afterwards. I got a good chuckle when our pastor told us we sounded great and complimentary to each other in the warmup. yack!!!

I gathered up Ransom in the late morning hours, and, given the puddles, the muddles, and the fact I didn't want to go yumping alone, we worked on our dressage movements. Wanting him to not be bored, I trotted through the poles a few times, worked on leg yields at walk & trot, and varied up the collection back to light contact back to collection. Tried to work on transitions up to canter without him popping his noggin up. Had some successes, but with all our weather breaks and holiday vacation, we've got lots of muscles to build back up - Both of us!

Just before dark I grabbed Romeo, renewing my weight-loss commitments to him, and lunged him again. This time, I held the lunge whip and insisted on some work at canter. He did all his gaits, some with silly head tossin's, and even tucked his nose in the direction changes. Looks like a real cuttin horse when he does some of that.

Then I jumped on bareback to work on walk, trot, turns on fore & rear, backups, sidepassin, and even a little rollback. I was startled when he reminded me, "roll back means back up, turn in, and get outta there!" I giggled good when his first "get outta there" sprung into trot without a warning. =) He's back!!

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