Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1/16 & 1/17 Love is

Cleaning the scrambled egg giblets outta the frying pan
And dumping the rest of them out of the sink strainer


What is love to you? I know I'm not the only one that can fill in that blank!

C'mon MrsMom!
Jen, you have to have a few, too!
Stephanie, Come back & tell us after your work trip!
There's more of ya'll out there reading.. You just don't comment lots... Speak up!

1 comment:

Mrs Mom said...

Hmmm... what is love....

Love is helping me move 1400 pound round bales.

Love is not *wanting* a kitty, but seeing Wrecking Crew cart around the kitty that showed up.... and letting her stay...

Love is never asking WHY I am so upset and crying (when hormones go into overload,) but just reaching out and pulling me tight, and handing me a towel...

Oh geeze.. I could literally go on and on and on here!

Good thread girlfriend!! ;)