Monday, January 11, 2010

1/10/10 Determination

Sunday morning brought 5am really early. Or so it felt. Maybe it was just the little sleep, or the worrying & stress, or just the cold... But early brought horses that needed tending to.

I got them warm-watered and fed before dressing for 8am church. Just as the service ended, my mind had already planned out all that needed done.

Chewie and Romeo got switched out so the Chewmonster could get some pasture walking in... Blankets got switched out & changed, and Romeo snuck in a little western work.

Mo and I enjoyed walk, trot, canter, both leads, with some issues picking up his leads. Neither direction was pretty. When he did get them correct, it was a nice even tempoed canter, moderately slow. Also worked a bit more on reminding the neck reining and leg yields. Total work about 40 minutes.

Then I gathered up Ransom, who chose this day to act as if the hunt seat girth just doesn't fit him. When I finally got ready to ride, I had two holes up on one side, and three on the other. So it does fit - he just didn't want me thinking so.

Ransom and I played in my hunt saddle, all on the flat, me focusing on those darn shoulders. I rode a little trot and canter at two point, and snuck in some walk to canter transitions. He felt good... steady and still forward without being a goofball. Another 45 minutes of action.

More bundling, and more warm water for the evening. I knew there was only Monday morning of this water heating nonsense, and then the stress would be over until the next cold snap. All the outdoor weather dressings could be put up, and I won't have nearly as much to worry about during the day.

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