Monday, January 4, 2010

1/2/2010 Trot Poles

R helped me set up a few poles. As it turns out, my standard ground supports are just about tall enough to make about 6" cavaletti supports. They're not super tall, or super stable, and it sure doesn't look fancy. But Ransom's had a bad habit of anticipating each standard to be a high vertical rail, and I needed him to pay attention.

I warmed Ransom up walk, trot, canter, and got to the poles. It took about six go's each direction before he was steady & even over them. I tried to start out in two point, but that kept encouraging a halfa-canter into the poles. I forced a posting trot over them a while, and he evened out. Finished up with a few clear go's at two point trot each direction.

To keep him from thinking, "Jump & done", I worked back on the flat again a while. A little canter, but mostly transitions in & out of trot and walk. Got his attention, got him calmed down & cooled out, and we called it finished.

A successful beginning to jumping. Can't wait until my Ground Pole Christmas book gets here so I can start varying the exercises.

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