Thursday, January 7, 2010

1/7/2010 My TaTas

As MrsMom called it today, my TaTas are going to get frozen tonight! I swear they are!

We're forecasting three consecutive nights below freezing. This will be a true "clean out" - for the bugs, and the dirt, and my flower gardens. If this doesn't kill it, it can stick in the garden. Sure am glad I've saved that gift certificate Mom got me for my birthday in JUNE! Now this Spring I can fill a hole from whatever I kill this weekend. I'm not covering stuff, I've got more important things to do.

Like drain the water lines and cut the pump off. Well, first, I need to fill all the water bowls, buckets, and troughs.

And there are horses to dress, and dogs to love on and snuggle to, and all that silliness.

My day today finds me making the HorseMaster "Whats I gots to find before I go list."

Nylon sheet - trailering, stabling, and I really ought to have one anyways
Quarter sheet - shhh.. don't tell Ransom, he's getting body clipped again, and I want to warm him up gracefully and cool him down gently
Leg Pillows - because Santa made me two, and horses have four legs *giggle*
Half Chaps - ain't happenin. I'll carefully pull the broken zipper on my old ones, or *gasp* wear my show boots - probably wear my show boots, so's I look good
Electrolyte Paste - I'm going to force him to be thirsty, maybe it'll make eating easier.

Yeah, that reminds me. That show at Sienna I took him to in October? He did NOT (I repeat NOT) want to eat in his stall. Would have no part of it, for dinner Saturday night, or breakfast Sunday morning. So I'm going to start occasionally locking him up with hopes he'll get back in the stalling habit. There is some slim chance he can get some turnout at the show barn, but I won't hold my breath. If you've had this experience, and have a magic solution, please help us!

The Quarter Sheet & Leg Pillows - I have looked, and decided, I ain't buying them. They're getting made. They won't be store quality fancy, and I doubt they'll be beautiful , but they're getting hand made. I'm just not paying those store prices.

Jen found me a nylon sheet on sale - and I'm NOT getting polka dots. Ransom does NOT look like a disco pony. I'm gonna get the solid blue, thank you!

*giggle* The anticipation is building.


Yankecwgrl said...

Come on...he'll look like john travolta! :)

Mrs Mom said...

No polka dots? Man, that's just No Fun! So I suppose he doesn't have pink leg wraps either huh?

Jennifer said...

No Pink Leg Wraps.

That's Jen's horse Casper .

Oh wait, no, that's a fairy pink sheet. :)