Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1/19/2010 I'm All For Good News

I called my horse vet yesterday afternoon, hoping to make annual vaccine appointments for both boys for Friday. No such luck. The doc has a meeting. That'd be all well & fine, but I need to get Ransom in before the HorseMaster taping, and I sure would like to do it sooner rather than later.

I'd had a curiosity to stop in and check out a new vet in town, and this was the best opportunity I had. So I made a phone call, stopped in for a visit, and was pleasantly surprised.

Here's their website - Crossroads Veterinary Clinic Victoria


When I showed up, I was immediately remembered from the phone call. I was also almost instantly introduced to the Large Animal Vet himself - Dr Sam Williams.

Dr Sam was pretty darn cool! He walked me through the office, showed me construction zone central inside, and then walked me outside to two finished stocks, and even more covered stall construction. When completed, this is going to be the mega-horse facility. Sure looks that way, at least. Dr Sam seems very educated on current methods, and I was satisfied with this informal interview.

Better even, was the large-animal tech, Deanna. See, Deanna and I met at another vet's office in San Marcos. However, that office is entirely too far away, and I'm not a big fan of some of their homeopathic medicine. Deanna is super qualified, and is a very calm mild-mannered lady working with the ponies.

Our appointment is scheduled for Friday morning. I'll be sure to recap after, and give my reviews of the entire trip.

The clinic tour shortened my daylight at home, so I skipped a ride. Tonight I have a dentist appointment, so if I get home in time, I'll try to fiddle around with one or the other horse. Otherwise, a peaceful night at home is in order.

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