Friday, January 8, 2010


Woke up to barely running water, which later froze solid. No water, in any faucet. Lovely....

Got my day moving, talked to Jen, and, well, added a temporary occupant to the barn. See, I have a stall that was set up for holding lawn equipment, a wheel barrow, and a few other supplies in it. And Jen has a critter, one you all have heard of before - Chewie. He's been living at her house, and since I know he's a little winter-sissy-fairy, I helped out.

R and I cleaned out the stall
Hung tarps for a temporary wind block
Put shavings in
Set up water buckets
And he came to visit us for a while.

Chewie settled in real good - eating and drinking. He was inhaling supper just a while ago, munching hay happily.

Expecting a low of about 17F tonight. So I added a layer to Ransom, locked him in his stall without any paddock access, and borrowed an outdoor cook stove and some really big pots. That was used to warm water for their buckets. I did a batch of warm water this afternoon, and another with supper. We also hung a sheet of plywood on Romeo's stall door - it's just the right size, and a great wind block.

The water well and all it's assorted pipes are wrapped in insulation, covered in tarps, and there's a shop light under the tarps. I've done all that can be done except hope and pray nothing freezes again.

May the boys keep warm, and the water stay thawed. This be too far south for this much cold. I don't like it one bit. Global Warming my Ta Ta s say "BULLY HORSEFEATHERS!"

Ta Tas.. those froze off this morning, I Swear. Must ask MrsMom what freezes off next.


Mrs Mom said...

Holy hannah... not sure what comes after the tata freezing as I try to avoid the "next" part ;)

Be careful out there, and dress in layers! (But you knew

Rubs to all three of the ponies from us!!!

jacksonsgrrl said...

Part of the reason I MOVED HERE was to get the heck away from this type of RIDICULOUS weather! So far, our horses are doing fine. No blankets, just barn with two sides covered. Nothing fancy, but our horses are tough. No foo foo operation here...although that would be nice! Good luck, it's almost over (I HOPE!!)...

alilhorseplay/Calico95 said...

Oh my gosh, the south really isn't used to the cold, huh?
Here in Canada (South eastern Quebec) we have had weeks at a time going below MINUS 25 C (which is MINUS 13 F) During the day! That doesn't even include wind chill, and we are not in a very northern part of Canada at all. (We are like 6 hours from New York State) And that is normal winter temps for us!!

On those days, and nights my horses did need medium weight winter blankets, and a little extra feed/hay but that's it, they stayed out the whole time too.
The water never froze, but we have heaters in where I store the hose, and a 'under-water' heater for the horses water.

I do feel for ya with the freezing water and all, that really sucks!

Hang in there, and keep warm!

SunnySD said...

We finally hit above zero here yesterday and above freezing today, so I'm guessing you've warmed up down there, as well. Hope your water situation thawed out with no broken pipes and you and the ponies made it through with no ill effects! It's really rough when things get unexpectedly cold.

Jennifer said...

We've finally thawed out, and I believe it should stay that way for a while.
I'll recap later, but it was a rough & tough weekend. I think it's safe to say there isn't a muscle in me that's not glad to be stationary in my office chair.
Thanks for all the warm wishes, everybody!