Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's Coming! It's Coming!

Horsemaster is coming! ACK! Oh wait, I volunteered for thsi chaos. Well, Friday after work, I decided to begin tackling the list.

I washed polos
and pads
and slinkies
and fleece layers

I loaded the trailer
with washed goods
and two saddles
(which got wiped down first)
and all the goods I could carry

I got the oil changed in the truck
made a tire rotating appointment
went to TSC for a new poop fork
and Home Depot for new big buckets

Almost delirious, and just this side of crazy, R drug me back to town half awake to refuel for supper. That didn't last. I was out like a dead rock by 9:40pm. No turning back, either. I remember moving once or twice, but not being awake while I did it.

Saturday I got up early, well, slept in compared to my Monday to Friday job, but it was early for a Saturday
Truck tires rotated & balanced & pressure checked OK
Truck washed
new wiper blades
groceries bought

bridles cleaned
and bits washed
hung neatly in the trailer
with all the other things I crammed in there

grain bagged
supplements bagged
and also stuffed in the trailer

new stall card made
4x6 still shots from Ransom's recent history, just in case the crew needs 'em
*Thank you sweetie!*

I lunged Ransom
(a nut over poles, and otherwise, good. side reins on, french link bit, he was a true gentleman, except for a bit of "I don't wanna do poles at the trot" protesting. total about 35 minutes, but decently hard work)
I rode Romeo bareback
(because everybody needs a stoopid pony day where ya do nothin' but goof off. Mo did just that. We did a bit of arguing "No, dork. I wanna go THAT way over THERE!" I also ridiculously lost my balance on more than one occasion, and shouted "Whoa" without thinking. Mo met me in the middle, slamming on the brakes and nearly unseating me.)

With everything packed I could think to pack, everything washed I can think to wash, the chaos of organization was shifted to the house. Vaccuuming, laundry, bed washed, bathroom cleaned. CHECK!

A day early at that! I can rest a little tomorrow. Oh! And ride Ransom a while, and ride Romeo a while, too. That sounds restful! Two good solid rides.. Yup. Restful. NOT! *giggle*

So progress is being made. I'm running out of things to forget to pack. Tomorrow, truck & trailer will get connected (following a full tank of gas and one more TSC trip, I think, for trailer shavings), hay will be loaded, and I'll have it all under control but bathing Ransom-monster and going.

*sigh* Now, 'tis time to refuel my body, and my mind. A little easy dinner, and some serious relaxin' is in order. G'night, ya'll.


SunnySD said...

I can just picture the frantic scurrying - what a neat opportunity!

GunDiva said...

Shannon over at Oh Horse Feathers! directed me to your blog! I did Horse Master in June '08. You will have the best time! Julie and her crew are amazing and so easy to work with. Tell them that Shawntel and Estes say hi!

What is your episode going to be about? Mine was standing still for mounting. Haven't had a problem since our trip.

Can't wait to hear about how it goes! I've got my journal about my trip posted on my blog if you want to see what it was like.

GunDiva said...

Oh, and don't try to wear brand new jeans the morning of the shoot. Wear them the day before to stretch them out.