Monday, December 14, 2009

Getting Back on Track

Last week... It rained mostly, but
I got a bareback ride in on Romeo, concentrating on his "go" and "whoa". It was blustery with a cold wind whipping around the yard, and he in no way wanted to be working. He settled in, but I do wish we would've had enough dry land to lunge at that moment.

On one of the drier days, I lunged and rode Ransom bareback. Walk & trot. He did great. In all of the nasty weather, he's lost some muscle up by his withers, so I kept the ride short.

Thursday, I rode him dressage, w.t.c. It went really well. Made me a bit sad I'd decided to not show in Katy on the 12th, but we got a great ride in on the drier side of the arena.

Friday, it was a hunter day. I shortened my stirrups a hole, after the last lesson, hoping this would help my overall balance. Worked like a charm. Had a really nice ride. The wind was howling around the arena, but I've come to discover Ransom loves cooler weather. He moves out great, transitions great, and has a really nice forward going.

Otherwise, not much riding going on around here (thus the lack of blogging). R and I travelled to Eagle Pass yesterday, and I've got a funny Border Patrol story to tell later today or tomorrow. On the way home, we went to see Mister Tom the Hay Man. He had the latest batch tested, 21% protein. It's not as thin or quite as green, but as we were unloading & stacking, Ransom nearly tore two bales from our hands, grabbing mouthfuls. Both boys are seeming to be enjoying it, so mission accomplished there.

Countdown to holiday travel, 6 days. UGH. My gifts are mostly bought & shipped, with a little bit more to do. I'm hoping for a few more rides this week in & around directly after work. They might be short, but I need my "fix", before being away from the boys for a bit over a week.

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