Friday, July 1, 2011

06/26/11 ReTesting the Saddle at Home

I tossed my tack on Romeo, longed him on the lead rope quick enough to do a fit check, and hopped aboard. :) Days like this, when he's quiet like he was Sunday, I can smile, "Yup Mo, that be why you still live here with me!" We wandered the roads, scooted through the hi-power electric right of way, and enjoyed maybe 20 minutes together walking. Nothing special, nothing long. That was day 4 consecutive for Mo, and since Saturday'd been such a rough one with the travel, tire, and fitting ride, I didn't want to push my luck.

Then it was on to Harley. Saddled and ready, off to the arena we went. I warmed him up longe free quickly, and then stuck him in the neck stretcher. He swiftly settled down into his forward trot, and gave a little nice soft canter as well. Delightful stuff.

I hopped on. What a ride. Like he'd done it his whole life, I walked a little over a circle, trotted two or three, then cantered one, back to trot two or three, back to walk. Reverse, repeat. We did this three or four times, and in the middle somewhere got out a couple nice turns on fore/haunches and back up baby steps.

R arrived just as I was about to finish. "Hey, Harley. One more time, baby. Let's show off how great your new saddle fits ya." Walk, trot, canter. Reverse, repeat. Fan-freaking-tastic.

The new saddle fits my horses, and it fits me. I can canter Harley in it with no problems, sitting squarely in the middle. yay!

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