Thursday, July 28, 2011

While the Country cries "Budget"

We're preparing for Tropical Storm Don.

Of course, it's a prediction, scheduled to change at any random moment between now and landful Fri night/ Sat morning.

So what does this mean for my house? All loose items that could blow with any significant wind will be moved to the barn, or inside. I'll get some wire prepared to tie shut stall doors so they don't get wiggled open in the high winds. Water buckets will be filled outside for the horses, with extras full, just in case I lose power. (What, you say? Lose power, lose well pump.. no well pump, no water) I'll secure anything that might move, and relocate things that could launch airborne and damage the house.

And what's the good in all of this? We're in a severe drought. How severe? We're in the double-digits in rain we're missing out on this year. My pastures are increasingly barren every week that goes by without significant rainfall.

So I'm hoping it rains, but praying we don't all blow away.

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