Thursday, July 14, 2011

07/12/11 Ew. Snake.

*editor note: the 07/11/11 entry was the 1,111th post. weird, huh?*

Tuesday night, with pizza and veggies in my tummy, and a bit more motivation, I headed out to the arena with Harley near dusk. Just as it was finally cooling off outside. Good quiet free longe, good quiet neck stretcher longe. Cooperative, and quiet.

I hopped on. Walk to halt, walk, to halt, to walk, to halt. Not too bad. A little rough around the edges still, but better than head-in-the-clouds. Walk to trot to walk to trot to walk to .. You get the idea. Things there are improving as well, just not quickly. The transitions on the neck stretcher / longe line look awesome, can't say the same for riding. I realize the "rein tension" is a little different, but it's almost like he forgets when he's carrying body weight. Strange, for sure.

Total work time, about 40 minutes. When we got back to the house, a snake slunk under the house. Ew. I wasn't able to muster the courage to get close enough to ID, but what I saw didn't look good. We. Need. Rain. or snake season will continue. I doubt they really want to be that close to the house, but it's cooler under the house, and there's at least a better chance of finding mice and/or vermin searching for food/water at the house.

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